Navigating Festivals

Hello Readers!! Sorry for the mum however I have been super busy the last few weeks getting ready to go on exchange to Wales! However, before I take off, this weekend is the August long weekend, which means this weekend hosts my favourite music festival in Montreal; Osheaga!

Osheaga music festival takes place in the most beautiful venue just off the island of Montreal and people come from all over just to experience it. For those of you who are not avid music festival goers, here are some tips and tricks on successfully navigating a music festival, specifically this one 😉

First and for most, you must prepare several kick ass outfits as this is a three day festival and we shall not forget about each of the night events involved with going to Montreal for the weekend. Now, as a student I totally get that one will not go out and purchase multiple new outfits unless there is a trendy piece that you musssst have. So here’s my festival line-up made up with pieces that I guarantee you’ll have in your closet.

Day One: Band Tee and a fun skort

Osheaga Day 1

Osheaga 1.jpg

And I say skort because no one wants to be limit themselves of sitting with their legs tucked in weird positions just to avoid flashing the crowd.

As for your band tee, really any baggy tee will work but if you happen to have a shirt from your favourite band that also happens to be playing at the festival then you automatically get brownie points.

Day Two: Your baggie one teaspoon shorts and an off the shoulder top

Osheaga Day 2

Not only do I love this but pair it with some kick ass accessories and you have yourself a winner. I agree, felt hats can make or break an outfit but please beware that if you commit to a hat you are stuck with that sucker all day so proceed with caution.

Day Three: Levi Shorts featuring your fav bathing suit top

Osheaga Day 3

…because you’ll be tired as hell and bathing suits are both a shirt/bra/water proof comfiness

I got these shorts at Urban Outfitters forever ago and they have never failed me, they don’t stretch out and are hella comfy which means you’ll last the entire day in them.

The bather can be substituted with literally anything, but I wore this because it’s been 30 degrees in Montreal for over a week and I doubt its going to get cool down any time soon. Also, because festivals rock, most stages have water guns that spray out to cool you off so there’s incentive to get closer to your favourite artist incase you didn’t have enough.

NOW, you have your outfits but before you head out the door, go through your fringe back pack to make sure you have all of these things:

  • A potable phone charger (even though you’ll never have service anyways)
  • Cash because it’s easier than using debit to pay for your 10$ beer
  • Empty waterbottle! There will be tons of water fountains to fill it up so you won’t have to spend forever waiting in line to pay $4 for a bottle of water
  • Granola bars because when you’re at the front of the stage waiting for your indie band to start playing, you won’t want to walk back through the crowd because one of your 10 friends is hungry
  • Oversized scarf to sit on that you can also fit in your bag
  • Sun screen
  • Hand Sanitizer and Tissues because porte- potties suck. Enough said.

So you are festival said, and remember that at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling. Happy Festivalling!!

From Robbie, With Love


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