Jaune Fever

Jeune Fever 2Jeune Fever 3jeune Fever 5

I can not believe that we are one week into June and I am still forced to wear a rain jacket every day of the week. Luckily, on the one day it was just over cast rather than rainy, we were able to get out and shoot this weeks pictures.

… and to brighten spirits I have decided to take on the task of convincing all of you why yellow should stop being so underrated. I find that people often shy away from wearing yellow because it draws attention, or they say, “it doesn’t look good on me” and I am going to tell you right now that that is false information.

Yes, yellow is a bold colour that makes a statement but it makes no more of a statement than wearing red! Right? Yellow is bright and cheery, which is something we definitely need when it has been raining for days on end.

I got both of these yellow pieces at Zara and fell in love because of their brightness and boldness. Nothing about this yellow is mellow. The fun thing about pieces like this is dressing them down and wearing them like they are just another neutral piece in your closest. Although, I paired the yellow skirt with navy sheer, I can’t wait to wear it in the fall with a thick navy cable knit sweater or a dark grey turtleneck. There are ways to play it down to make it seem less like a statement piece and more of an everyday necessity.

I have a couple pieces in my wardrobe that are just neutral t- shirts that can be worn to dress down anything, so if you invest in a couple of those then you are golden when trying to tone down a statement piece!

Wearing bright colours is intimidating at first but trust me it is so much fun when you finally decide to step out of your comfort zone. Plus, Zara’s summer collection is filled with bright yellows, fuchsias and greens so you know it’s not just me talking about bright colours ;).

Talk to you soon xx

– From Robbie, With Love


One thought on “Jaune Fever

  1. It is raining almost every day in North Carolina. It is starting to feel less like summer minus the warm temperatures! Love how you mixed navy with that shade of yellow. The yellow really looks lovely with it!


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