No Pants Zone

Ahhh Monday… Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_6210

Another weekend has come and gone and although the last few days for me were amazing, I am sitting here Monday morning with a mad cold. I spent all of Saturday at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, and it was so beautiful. I mean who doesn’t like to spend the day outside surrounded by cute zen gardens and colourful flowers? Unfortunately, it poured all day and I persevered but my health did not. Which brings me back to the fact that not only am I facing another Monday, but that I have to face it with a stuffy nose. (I think we take for granted the times that our noses aren’t stuffy, because it honestly is the most inconvenient thing to deal with).

Anywho, I recently became really into this trend of not wearing pants. (Weird right? Hear me out). Everyone loves a good tee-shirt dress and the look must be sought after because so many stores are coming out with cool tee-shirt dresses for summer. I however out sourced, and when I was at Urban Outfitters I absolutely fell in love with this Tupac shirt (because who wouldn’t???). I love my Stevie tee and I’m definitely always looking to expand my graphic tee collection but since I already have the perfect band tee already… I thought I would try something different with this one. Instead of grabbing the mens small (as I normally would), I searched through piles of messy tee shirts and found an extra large. My initial thought was that I could wear it over a bathing suit or to bed but after putting it on I saw that it actually (and quite perfectly) covered my bum. WOOP! So I threw on my fishnets and booties and headed out with my friends wearing my Tupac shirt.

I loved this outfit so much and you could probably tell from my instagram as I posted so many pictures of it (hehe). Now I am not taking credit for this look as Kim and Court Kardashian often wear their giant Yeezy sweaters with their thigh high boots but I’d like to think that this look is a close second.

I’m always looking for cool, unique bar outfits because I hate throwing on the same high waisted jeans every weekend but NOW I have cracked the universal code on how to go out in public not wearing pants. Hop on this gravy train because it is one of the smartest things I have done for myself. (Kidding, not kidding).

hahhaa, okay thats enough for now. Have a great week ❤

– From Robbie, With Love



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