Beware the Flare


That’s right, flare pants are coming back around in the fashion cycle and I could not be more excited. So it seems that not all good things have to come to an end, my friends.

First of all, I will tell you what I am wearing since it is the star of this weeks post. I’m wearing Rolla’s high-waisted East Coast Flare pants. Rolla’s is an Australian denim company dedicated to bringing a laid back edge to the denim world and I personally am in love.

Since wearing the flare may take some getting used to, especially if your go-to jean is skinny, I have set out three different ways to wear your flares. Mixing fits and colours will always enhance an outfit so don’t be afraid to venture out of the idea that because you are wearing loose pants that you can’t also be wearing a loose top!

  1. Split Focus

Accent Flares

Although, flare pants are a ton of fun, they don’t have to be the main attraction of the outfit. Pairing the pants with a solid neutral leaves room for bright accessories like these shoes! Again, the loose fitting top is nice tucked into the waist of the pants because they are tight.

2. Day Time Flares

Day Flare

This look reminds me of Katie Holmes circa 2004 (approximately). Contrasting the stripes of the top and the line of the pants gives it a total retro feel that I really love. I know it doesn’t feel natural to wear a baggy sweater with loose fitting jeans but just trust me on this one. It is so causal and seriously so comfy.

3. Date Night Flares

Date Flare

Okay, this is the look for all you out there itching for a figure flattering outfit 😉 That’s why I titled this look “date night”. The off the shoulder top is super sexy and is good staple to invest in. Keeping with the retro vibes, the tucked in top allows you to accessorize with a cute belt which draws the eyes to your oh so tiny waist.

So when you’re milling around town or need a new statement piece that allows you to still play it safe, try going for the flare. I know it is easier said than done, but I’m telling you that these flared Rolla’s will be everywhere, especially in the fall.

Good Luck with your flare search!

-From Robbie, With Love

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