Bota Bota

Bota Bota 2YAY! We made it through another week, and are heading into (another) rainy weekend. (Not so Yay)

Luckily, Robbie is coming at you with the best weekend fix for you.

Bota Bota is an incredible Nordic Spa in Old Port Montreal. Having amazing hot baths, saunas and steam rooms it is the perfect place to take away any blues. The whole place is tailored to your relaxation, like seriously, even their change rooms smell like eucalyptus. Not only are their the hot baths, but you can book a massage or grab dessert at their restaurant. Honestly, If I had the time (and the money) I would spend all day here and I seriously could not recommend this place more.

Also, being a student I understand that Nordic Spas are not normally in the budget. HOWEVER, Bota Bota has a special on Sunday nights after 6pm where you can float around all you want for 3 great hours for 40$ ! (WHEW)

So whether you’re in the mood to pamper yourself before a night out on Friday or need to whined down the weekend on a Sunday, I really want to recommend checking out Bota (if you’re in the area of course). But, if you’re not, this would definitely be a great place to stop by if you’re visiting Montreal!

– From Robbie, With Love



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