Editorial Haul

Editorial 2So I know that my last feature post was literally about purging your closest, but I couldn’t help but treat myself to 4 new staple pieces for my summer wardrobe.

All these pieces are from Montreal’s finest, Editorial Boutique . This store has everything. It’s super current, high end (but affordable) clothing that varies from “going cottaging in the Hamptons” to “going to The 1975 concert”.

The beauty of these four essentials is that they can be matched up with almost anything, which equals infinite outfits. I’ve tried to show you some of the creations here but unfortunately, my bed is not that big and I am not tall enough to capture a fantastic birds eye view shot, so bare with me.Editorial 3

  1. One teaspoon shorts are so easy to throw on whenever and with whatever and I seriously encourage everyone to go out and get a pair because the loose fit will have your body thanking you when 32 degree weather hits and sweat becomes a thingimg_6027.jpg
  2. I sort of took a gamble on this Cotton Candy LA skirt because I don’t have anything like it in my wardrobe already. But I think new things are good! And I am finding that this skirt is super easy to wear! I can pair it with my adidas runners, converse, or low rise booties. (that is what I like to call, a triple threat my friends) IMG_6028
  3. This Kurt Cobain Style Stalker tee is everything to me right now. (still not my Stevie Tee but definitely a close second). Easy to wear during the day with my jean shorts, or with a pair of black jeans and chelsea boots at night. Editorial 1
  4. The forth item is just a basic silk white tank. The straight across neck line creates a unique edge to the top and of course with it being white and breezy, I had to pick it up for my summer must have. (Spoiler, it may or may not be featured in next weeks post).

So that is it, those are my new buys from Editorial. If you live in or around Montreal, I would seriously recommend checking out their store and grabbing some summer essentials!

See you all on Monday!

-From Robbie, With Love

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