Leather & Lace

leather dress 1Leather Dress 5Leather Dress 3If you have not yet listened to Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks, I highly suggest you go do that now… (don’t worry, I’ll wait)

Ahh good tune,

Anywho, Spring is finally here and hopefully it sticks around for awhile. Dressing for this type of weather is always so frustrating because you either over-estimate the warmth and end up with a ton of goose bumps or you commit to wearing a sweater, jeans and a jacket and end up over heated and slightly irritated.

Therefore, I have strategically paired my leather dress with my cropped sweater because I am an entrepreneur. (That is a sentence that I never thought I would say) Either way, I am really into this style right now, because it’s so easy. I wore this during the day and then switched out my grey sweater for a white long sleeve cropped top and wore the same thing out for drinks that night. BOOM, easy right? Plus, I’d like to think it’s unique so you most definitely will not run into another chicka wearing it. (Extra bonus points??)

I wish you all a productive week full of taking chances and making changes. I know I will be! xx

– From Robbie, With Love





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