Born with Good Jeans

Button Down 4Button Down 1Button Down 2OK so I wasn’t born with them per se and I had to buy them at Levi’s like everyone else but the play on words was too clever not to.

Levi’s are the classic. They are the basic, and the staple of all wardrobes. I only recently got my first pair of Levi’s and thanks to my real genes ;), I have to shorten almost every pair of pants that I purchase, these ones included.

Instead of getting them tailored, I decided to try creating a raw hem with my trusty pair of kitchen scissors and now these jeans have become my ride or dies. Usually, I am not so carless with my clothes however, Pinterest has some pretty thorough tutorials so I took a leap of faith and made the incision to the cuff of my jeans all on my own. *so brave* (I know)

Although rain is in the forecast this week, find some time to go out and dance in it and then get your self a really nice cup of tea that will help you get over the cold you will get from pursuing the activity above. xx

Until next week.

-From Robbie, With Love



3 thoughts on “Born with Good Jeans

    1. Hey Melissa! I always cuff them first and then try them on with different shoes to make sure they are the right length before cutting them!! But, I agree, there is nothing worse then cutting your pants too short! XD


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