Spring Stampede

Navy Baby Full

Navy Baby halfCowboy BootsIt’s Smonday!

Smonday: the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

And I don’t know about you but Smonday blues are certainly in full force this week. Today has been what I like to call a soul refuelling day filled with naps, brunch and listening to my favourite songs whilst drinking tea. But, I will tell you that the days prior have been so much more productive than today and since weather has turned around, I couldn’t help but shoot this outfit and soak up the sun!

Today’s post is inspired by the fact that my sister is moving to Calgary soon and I just HAD to invest in country-esque themed pieces.

Unode50 is a Spain based jewler that lives with the philosophy that only 50 units of each item are created. Therefore, they are widely known for incredibly unique statement pieces that almost guaranties exclusivity based on the fact that only 49 other people in the world will have the same piece as you! Neat huh?

And naturally, who doesn’t want jewelry as unique as you are? (aww)

I want to encourage all of you to do something for yourself tomorrow to pull yourself out of the Monday blues, then I want you to pay it forward and do something for someone else because heaven knows we are all in this together. xoxo

-From Robbie, With Love

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