Plaid you at Hello!

Mad for Plaid 1Mad for Plaid 2Mad for Plaid 3

Surely I am not the only one that thinks my post title is absolutely hilarious and extraordinarily witty…

Any who, YAY another Monday! The weather is warming up this week and by warming up, I mean above zero but hey, it’s a start. I know this time of year gets busy for us students but the good thing about uni is that you only have to do it once (unless you continue your education, then well, you’re on your own). But just two more weeks until finals and then we are all done and can finally move back into our parents basements for the summer and start making money again. How relatable is that last comment?

Now that school is almost ending, I find myself in outfits that can be worn for multiple occasions because I seriously just don’t have time to costume change in the middle of the day anymore!! Which, I will admit, happens more than you’d think.

I am usually not a plaid gal, but this one gets to me. It’s unstructured because it isn’t flannel so it can be paired with just about anything. I wore this to campus to study and when I was done, I slipped on my Steve Madden booties featured in My Uniform and met my friends for drinks. Ahh, the beauty of leather leggings eh, are they casual? are they dressy? Either way, they go with everything in my closet so I am all about them.

With that, I am sending positive vibes to all of you this week, because heaven knows we need them. Have yourself a happy Monday 🙂

-From Robbie, with Love


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