Dear Stevie,

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Dear Stevie,

I haven’t taken your shirt off since I last saw you.

Sorry, I’m being over dramatic (What’s new?). Two years ago, I saw my biggest idol Stevie Nicks, perform live in Montreal with the rest of Fleetwood Mac where I picked up this t-shirt. And all my friends can attest to this, but I wear this shirt everywhere and with everything. 

One of my favourite styles to play with is mixing my Sunday brunch best with my post Sunday brunch sweats (So to speak). Pairing a band tee or a graphic tee with a fun pair of pants always makes for a unique combo. For example, now that gauchos are back in (hells yeah) I can pair these two together and dress down an otherwise fancy pair of pants. So essentially, band tees provide happiness to the world.

Although, I was lucky enough to have picked up my band tee (here on out referred to as my “Stevie Tee”) at the concert, there so many places now selling them that you shalt not fear.

John Varvatos has some of my favourites that I often find myself in. You can find some examples in the link below!!

On that note I would like to wish you a happy Monday 🙂

-From Robbie, With Love

John Varvatos


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